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# 00 Lead Inspections & Abatements LLC is your premier choice for certified lead paint inspection services across Central Maryland. We proudly serve Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Anne Arundel County, Prince George's County, Howard County, Harford County, and Montgomery County. Our expert team ensures homes and businesses in these areas have a lower risk and comply with the highest industry standards.

With a focus on safety, compliance, and local expertise, # 00 Lead Inspections & Abatements is your trusted partner in creating healthier living and working environments. From the vibrant neighborhoods of Baltimore City to the suburban landscapes of Howard County, our certified professionals bring unparalleled service to every community we serve.

Explore the peace of mind that comes with our thorough lead paint inspections and abatement services. Contact # 00 Lead Inspections & Abatements LLC today and let us guide you toward a safer, compliant, healthier future in Central Maryland."

Key Features:

- We're available to you:

Monday through Saturday 24 hours with an extra charge for after-hour service.

- Competitive Pricing: 

Benefit from fair and reasonable rates, ensuring cost-effective solutions with competitive pricing against our industry peers.

Educational Focus:

- Landlord Collaboration: 

We specialize in working collaboratively with landlords, imparting inspector's insights to enhance their awareness.

- Comprehensive Services:

 From visual inspections to lead removal and lab tests, we provide essential information from the latest news feeds.

Efficient Reporting:

- Real Estate Inspection Reports: 

Receive detailed reports, including property images, conveniently delivered to your email or device.

- 330 Certificates: 

Upon completion, an email will furnish your 330 certificates along with comprehensive lab results.

Interactive Inspections:

- Exterior and Interior Walkthroughs: 

Our inspectors conduct thorough walkthroughs, showcasing potential issues and preventive measures for stabilizing or removing lead-based paint components.

Customer Testimonials

We are committed to our confidentiality statement in our contracts; we have not placed any names on the testimonials.

Grandfather Concerned with grandchild's safety.

Type of Home: Single-Family

Concern:  Toxic Lead Testing

Home built: 1921 

2013 Grandma approached us with concerns about lead dust exposure for her grandchild. After a thorough XRF inspection, we identified lead in the bathroom and kitchen walls, baseboards, and casings. The estimated cost was around 50k. Despite recommending stabilization and repainting, Miss Grandma opted for a comprehensive solution. We performed component removal, gutted walls down to the studs, sheet rocked, and enclosed some areas, creating a lead-free home for her grandchild.

Type of Home: Multi-Family Apartments

Concern: Lead Paint City Violation Home Built 1891


"Your business is exceptionally professional. Thanks for promptly addressing my questions and efficiently meeting my violation deadline. I really appreciate your company's help. Thank you."