Lead-Based Paint Inspections

Lead-Based Paint Risk Reduction Inspections

**Our Values:**

**Expertise:** With specialized certifications and years of experience, our team is your trusted partner in creating lead-free environments.

**Safety First:** We prioritize the safety of your home or business. Our thorough inspections and lead abatement services contribute to healthier living spaces.

**Compliance Assurance:** Trust our commitment to EPA standards and compliance. We navigate the complexities to ensure your space meets all regulatory requirements.

**Customer-Centric Approach:** Your satisfaction is our priority. From the initial consultation to the completion of the inspection, we focus on delivering a seamless and customer-friendly experience.

**Local Expertise:** Proudly serving Maryland, we understand the unique needs of our community. Our local expertise ensures you receive tailored solutions for a lead-free and healthier space.

Discover the difference at # 00 Lead Inspections & Abatements– where expertise meets excellence, and your safety is our top priority. Contact us today to take the first step towards a lead-free and healthier living environment."

**Full Risk Reduction Certification: Lead Paint Inspection**

Our Full Risk Reduction Certification process is crucial for creating lead-safe living environments. Certified inspectors conduct thorough inspections, collecting lead dust wipe samples from window sills or floors in vacant units before new tenants move in. Each dust sample undergoes meticulous analysis by a qualified laboratory, ensuring compliance with regulated levels.

This certification addresses potential hazards of lead-based deterioration paint, providing a comprehensive solution to chipping, cracking, peeling, flaking, or chalking paint on windows. While it doesn't certify a lead-free home, it verifies successful hazard reduction.

**Modified Risk Reduction Certification (For Notice of Defect)**

Our Modified Risk Reduction Inspection responds to notices of defects issued by city inspectors, tenants, or Health Department Risk Assessors. This inspection, conducted in unoccupied units, identifies conditions that may elevate lead risks. It addresses situations related to a child's elevated blood level or a pregnant woman residing in a home with lead levels of 10 micrograms or higher per deciliter of blood.

Before the visual inspection, property owners review lead hazardous reduction requirements, ensuring compliance with regulations. All work under Modified Risk Reduction Certificates meets lead hazard reduction standards by Maryland Department of Environment Accredited Contractors or Supervisors. After completion, an accredited Lead Paint Visual Inspector or Risk Assessor issues the certificate.

**Lead-Free Certification XRF & Paint Chip Lab Analysis**

Our Lead-Free Certification involves advanced X-ray detection by licensed Inspection Technicians. This method analyzes lead-based paint layers up to 3/8 under the surface, determining compliance with state or federal limits. Post-inspection, a detailed report guides Lead-based Paint Supervisors in the stabilization, enclosure, or removal of identified components or chemicals.

Choose from two Lead-Free Inspection options:

- **Lead-Free Certificate:** Certifying that your property has under-regulated lead amounts in its interior, exterior, and common areas. With this certificate, no further inspections are needed.

- **Limited Lead-Safe Inspection:** Ideal for historical areas, this inspection, involving XRF or Chip tests, exempts the property's interior from further inspections. However, defective paint on the exterior and common areas requires inspections every two years.

Count on us for thorough and compliant lead inspections, ensuring the safety and compliance of your living spaces.

Remember to send The Protect Your Family from Lead Pamphlet every two years after the inspection. It's part of the program.

Cost of a Lead-Based Paint Inspection

How much does a Pre-1978 Lead Inspection cost? The # 00 Lead Inspection and Abatement price starts at $350.00.

"Lead paint inspection costs are influenced by factors such as the chosen company, rooms and hallways, locks, and passing the visual inspection. Prices range from $250 to $ 1000, adjusting based on turnaround time and type of risk reduction inspection. Additional features like wood windows, extra rooms, halls, and basements may incur higher costs. For detailed pricing information and tailored solutions, contact our sales team."

1 Sample per room with Replacement Windows.

Initial cost $350

Wipes are added by adding up every room accessible to tenants: the hallway, foyer, bathroom, laundry room, storage, pantries, Living Room, office, etc.