Lead-Based Paint Abatements


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Lead Supervisor Services

**Lead Paint Supervisor: Expert Risk Reduction Practices**

Our Lead Paint Supervisors implement advanced risk reduction practices to ensure safe and compliant lead management. Certified as Lead Safe, our contractors follow meticulous procedures to safeguard occupants and the environment.

**Key Practices:**

1. **Site Preparation and Containment:**

   - Rigorous measures to prepare and contain work areas, minimizing environmental impact.

2. **Wet Scraping:**

   - Utilizing wet scraping techniques to reduce lead dust exposure during paint removal.

3. **Film Stabilization Paint:**

   - Apply lead-based paint film stabilization, minimizing hazards effectively.

4. **Lead Enclosure and Encapsulation:**

   - Expertise in both lead-based paint enclosure and encapsulation techniques.

5. **Component Removal and Replacement:**

   - Safe removal of lead-based paint components, with replacement windows and exterior trim options.

6. **Interim Controls and Chemical Stripping:**

   - Implement interim controls for old wood windows and employ chemical stripping for lead paint.

7. **Proper Hazardous Waste Handling:**

   - Adhering to proper procedures for hazardous waste removal and disposal.

  8. **High-Efficiency Particles Air Vacuum:**

   - Advanced vacuum technology is employed for efficient lead dust removal.

9. **Off-site Removal and Reinstallation:**

   - Ensuring safe off-site removal and reinstallation of components.

**Lead Paint Accredited Firm Compliance:**

Our Lead Paint Accredited Firm follows strict regulations to avoid fines, which can be in the thousands, for non-compliance or using unqualified contractors. Our commitment to proper removal practices ensures a safer and legally compliant approach.

**Important Notice:**

All work is exclusively performed on vacant properties to guarantee the safety of occupants during lead-based paint removal.

Choose our Lead Paint Supervisors for expert risk reduction practices and compliance with the highest industry standards. Your safety is our priority.